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  • Panchakarma Dinacharya and Rutucharya (Body Purification Programme Weekly, Seasonal and yearly)

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Panchakarma :

‘Health is purity and disease is impurity
 so purification is the treatment.’                    (Old Indian saying)

Purification therapy is a unique feature of Ayurveda by which the complete cure and non-recurrence of disease is made possible.

The functional components (doshas, namely vatha, pitha & kapha ) move all around the body through the channels of circulation to do the normal physiological activities. The disease is the result of imbalance in the quantity and quality of the doshas. During the disease process, the unbalanced doshas get lodged in the weak parts of the channels of circulation and product (which causes) the disease symptoms. If the channels of circulation are pure and healthy, even the aggravated doshas cannot locate anywhere and produce disease.

Ayurveda offers two measures in the management of a disease:

  1. Pacifying therapy( SAMANA) :-in which the unbalanced doshas are pacified with in the body itself. As this therapy don’t cleanse the channels of circulation, there is the possibility of reprovocation when exposed to similar causative factors.This therapy is suited in conditions in which there is not much vitiation of the doshas.
  2. Purification therapy (Shodhan) Panchakarma:It is aimed at the complete expulsion of the unbalanced doshas and the purification of the channels of circulation. As the channels are cleansed and strengthened by this process, the chance of recurrence is nil. Purification therapy can be implemented not only for curing diseases but to maintain health. No other systems of medicine can offer such an effective treatment measure. So we can proudly declare our superiority of Ayurveda to any other systems on account of its purification therapy.

The purification otherwise called ‘Pancha karma therapy’ is implemented in five ways.

  1. Basti Enema therapy: –It is best for vayu imbalance. Purification of body parts below umbilicus.
  2. Virechan Purgation therapy :-Best for pitta imbalance. Purification of the stomach, Liver Kidney.
  3. Vaman Emesis therapy: –For kapha imbalance. Purification of body parts above Umbilicus.
  4. Nasya Nasal drops :-Purification of all body parts above the neck.
  5. RaktaMokshan Blood letting (Leech therapy):- Best for removing blood impurities.

The purification otherwise called ‘Pancha karma therapy’ is   implemented in five ways.

Stages of the treatment

First stage: – This includes the external and internal application oils followed with fomentation or sudation. By this the unbalanced doshas lodged in the weak parts of the channels are liquefied and loosened.

Main or second stage :- In this is imp. Stage the loosened and liquefied doshas are expelled out of the body by the appropriate purifactory procedure.

Post therapy: – This includes the regimens to be practised after the purification. This is mainly intended to augment the digestive fire.

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Health Promotion and Preventive care

Ayurveda proposes three stages in the quest for good health: daily routine and seasonal activities to prevent illness, purification therapy and medications for diseases and rejuvenation of the system to enhance health and quality of life.

Ayurvedic preventive medicine is called Svasthavrtta ‘establishing oneself in good habits’ and its main principle is that one must reject excess in everything. Harmony and health are possible only when everything in life is enjoyed at the proper moment in the proper amount.

Daily and seasonal routines try to ensure that the body’s needs are satisfied no matter (how your mind is disturbed or stress or occupied) where the mind may roam, since most people are unable to develop the perception necessary to know what is happening within their bodies. Neither activity nor rest should be excessive, the body requires moderation in all things. A healthy routine establishes moderation and order in both body and mind, helping you to flow in the direction most appropriate for you.