Dr. Consultation

Online and personalised medical consultation provided by our highly proficient and qualified Ayurvedic physicians having vast experience in evidence based ayurvedic medicines for acute and chronic ailments.

We have following Ayurvedic medicine specialty solutions,

  1. Ayurvedic Internal medicine [Ayurvedic Kayachikitsa]
  2. Ayurvedic Gynaecologist & Paediatrician [Ayurvedic Stree- Prasuti – Kaumar Tantra]
  3. Ayurvedic  Anti-aging and Sex vigour specialist [Ayurvedic Rasayan Vajikar ]
  4. Ayurvedic Surgery for piles and fissure, Hair transplant [Ayurvedic Shalay Tantra]
  5. Ayurvedic  For ENT and Ophthalmology [ Ayruevdic Shalkya Tantra]
  6. Ayurvedic Body purification [Ayurvedic Medicine For Panchakarma]
  7. Medical Astrologist [ Ayurevda Jyotish and Vastu Shashtra ]
  8. Dietician and Yoga fitness trainer
  9. Dermatologist Hair transplant [Skin& Tricho]
  10. Ayurvedic Life coaching & counsellor [Basic principle and Vedic Philosophy Ayurvedacahray Sadvrita ]
  11. Ayurevedacharya Metal – Gem Nanogold Particle therapy [ Ayurvedic Ras shashtra – Ratna]
  12. Ayurvedic Educator [ Ayurevdic Samhita Vedic Texts ]

Our Drs provide Ayurvedic diagnosis and Consultation thru Online (skype consulting) , also our affiliated Clinics, Hospitals and Home visit.,

What is AYURMD consultation ?

Disease treatment in Ayurveda is the most advance and comprehensive approach described 5000 years back. It is an interactive process wherein in repeated and consistent interaction is required between Dr and patient.

Four (4) interactive online consultations / follow up are advised to get best personalised medicine solutions.

4 stage process where in Dr

  1. Understands one’s body type Prakriti,
  2. Observes body responses to medicine, Diet and exercise,
  3. Finds exact cause of the disease is known,
  4. Determines duration of the medicine course depending on the stage of the disease.

Neither the medicine nor the formulations are important, Our Vaidya / Dr are considered the most important part of the process, as he can use his knowledge and concepts of Ayurveda to treat different disease at different point of time in same patient with the same herb/formula.

At AYURMD for diagnosis various traditional tools are used ,

  • Our Dr uses Ayurvedic 10 body examination tools to find the root cause of the disease
  • Our Dr uses Prakriti Testing software to know your Body Type
  • Our Dr uses Pulse examination (Nadi Parikshan) to diagnose disease and prescribe efficacious medicines

What is AYURMD prescription ?

Depending on cause the doctor prescribes:

  1. Ayurvedic Medicines Mixtures
  2. Medicated food /diet material to use at home
  3. Yoga and Lifestyle advice
  4. Panchakarma therapy.
  • Ayurvedic formulation is prescribed; with consent of the patient .Medicine is prepared in 3-4 days’ time.
  • At AYURMD always fresh medicines are prepared in variable dosage forms of Powders,Tea mixes,Tablets,Liquids,Nasal Drops,Paste,Plasters,Face Mask,Jiuces,Etc ; The natural herbs when taken from multiple drug dosage forms at a same point of time its action is fast and disease is cured much faster. Pharmacist prepares fresh mixture of herbs to be delivered to home against the advance payment. We always prepare Fresh Medicine that is why results are quick and efficacious.
  • Yoga, lifestyle and Ayurvedic diet note is also given, This is as important as Medicine prescription. We also have dietician and yoga expert for training. It is necessary that every 4’Th day follow up report is to be given.
  • Panchakarma is the unique form of therapy which expels the toxins out of the body without causing any damage to vital organs. Panchakarma starts only after 15 days of medicine course and Panchakarma therapy is done by trained therapist/ Dr at Clinics, Hospital and also at home. Panchakarma insures that disease and toxins are removed from the body and there is no disease recurrence.