AYUMD is started by Group of New age Ayurvedic professionals to spread the pragmatic benefits of Ayurvedic treatments to people not only in India but all over the world ,it is supported by non-profit charitable trust which works in development and promotion of Indian Traditional Vedic knowledge globally.

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Our vision:

Our team of ayurvedic professionals believes in the power of Ayurveda and Nature. Ayurveda draws its inspiration from nature and most of the herbs are drawn from Nature.
Nature has given us and continues to give us so much to maintain our state of well-being.
Unfortunately most of us take Nature for granted. We disregard its virtues and even go to the extent of abusing it.
We at AYURMD believe in the healing capabilities of Ayruevdic principles and herbal formulas and are convinced that if we use it in our lifestyle, we can stand to benefit from its immense potential.