professional ayurveda course

 learn Ayurveda to use everyday :

Ayurveda is more than just treatments and medications; it is a lifestyle. The principles of Ayurveda,when practised properly, not only keep away diseases but also enhance our mental stability and brings about spiritual enlightenment. It is a holistic system suited for people from all walks of life.

Its our indian medical science atleast we can give respect to our traditions and try learn how 200 years back before british envasion indian medicine was first. choice of treatment for kings and people of india 

We all should learn Ayurveda Before using Ayurveda ,register for Basic Foundation course for students,  professional, Parents doctors, house makers, teachers etc all who want to use Ayurveda for better Quality of life (QOL) 

Learn Ayurveda

AyuMD is online platform for providing traditional knowledge which is 5000 years old called Ayurveda. You may be a housewife, an office executive, a student or a retired person…whoever you are!

You are here simply because you want to lead a healthier, balanced and more productive life!!

We will help you to understand all aspects of Life through our online courses on AYUMD These courses are well-formulated with the lucid modular structure to cater to the Beginners as well as the Learners with a little Ayurvedic background.

Online Courses

Our Courses are modelled in a manner that benefits people from different walks of life to help them bridge the gap in understanding utility of different herbs, guide them through education of how they can introduce herbs regularly into their lives, leaving them more confident to use different herbs effectively. Our program uniquely integrates traditional herbal wisdom, clinical experience, and critically reviewed botanical and scientific evidence for the prevention and treatment of most health concerns for disease free Long life, minus any side- effects.

These conveniently short courses teach you the basic Ayurvedic principles with an easy, step-by-step approach. They help you in approaching common, everyday health problems in natural and holistic manner.

This course is offered in all locations in the spring and fall and at any time through e-Learning system. We also organised on site training courses at our center at Kerala,India. One of the most reputed organisation for teaching Ayurveda since traditions.

Highlights of the Courses are:

  • Ayurvedic Principles
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Daily Regime
  • Seasonal Regime
  • Herbology
  • Yoga
  • Panchakarma
  • Common Disease Conditions
  • Introduction to Disease Management
  • Assessments and Clinical Management

We offer Basic Two certificate courses online and free Basic foundation course for beginners 

    (Links for details)
  3. Free Basic Foundation course for Beginners 

We will offer advance courses in near future.

We are accredited with institute recognised by  AYUSH a Ministery GOVT.  Of India. Our teachers are experienced and approved teachers of AYUSH. 

We intend to provide course across globe,  currently we provide education US and EU thru Europe Ayurveda Academy .

Education :

I have been associated with education of Ayurveda , teaching students from india and across globe from last 10 years thru medical college ,online and Guru shishya parampara.
I insist that every patient and non Ayurveda Drs should learn basic foundation of Ayurveda from nearby Ayurveda teachers/ institution / Drs & then make their opinion for further treatment or advice.This will help patient to have faith in Ayurveda treatment , Drs to think more holistic in treatment protocol and professional to enhance their skills.