Vitiligo can be classified into two types

  1. Segmented Vitiligo: This type of vitiligo tends to spread fast but is stable than the other type. It is asymmetrical and affects such portions of the skin which are linked to nerves that originate in the dorsal roots along the spinal cord.
  2. Non- Segmental Vitiligo: This type of vitiligo occurs in equal proportions on both sides of the body. This disorder affects the areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun frequently, such as the arms, neck and the face.


Causes of Vitiligo

In Ayurveda, the reason behind autoimmune diseases is mostly ‘virudh aahar sevan’ that is, eating foods that are opposite in nature (such as eating fish and milk together). This results in toxin formation inside the body, which ultimately disturbs the immune system due to which the pigment-producing melanocytes cells get degenerated, causing Vitiligo.

Additionally, Vitiligo is said to be associated with certain auto-immune and inflammatory diseases such as Thyroid, Diabetes, Psoriasis and Pernicious Anemia. Vitiligo may also be hereditary; that is, it can run in families. Children whose parents have the disorder are more likely to develop Vitiligo.

Symptoms –

White patches on the skin Premature greying of scalp hair, loss of color inside the mouth

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vitiligo

According to Ayurveda, vitiligo is caused due to the aggravation of Pitta Dosha. Pitta is an Ayurvedic humor which symbolizes heat or fire, and is manifested in the skin. Aggravated Pitta leads to accumulation of ama (toxins) in deep layers of the skin, leading to the condition of vitiligo

Pitta is of five types; one of them is Bhrajak Pitta that gives coloration to skin. In the case of vitiligo, Bhrajak Pitta is in an imbalanced state, and therefore, the skin starts losing its colour and white patches appear. Along with Pitta Dosha, deeper body tissues like Rasa Dhatu (nutrient plasma), Rakta (blood), Mansa (muscles), Lasika (lymph) are also involved in the disease.

Treatment consists of pacifying imbalanced body energies, cleansing the blood and administrating herbs that restore skin colour. Poor digestion is the root cause of this disease, as it causes the build-up of toxins in the tissues. An essential part of treatment, therefore, is restoring digestion. The patient will also be advised on the correct diet and lifestyle adjustments to prevent recurrence of the disorder.The disease is deep-rooted and needs specific treatment that includes the right diet and specialized herbal combinations to pacify Pitta and cleanse ama from the body.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice –

Whole grains like porridge and whole wheat products are better than highly refined carbohydrates like pasta.Adequate hydration is an important component of a healthy diet which should not be ignored.Foods rich in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, and green tea should either be avoided or consumed in minimal quantities.

Avoid eating non-vegetarian foods like fish and red meats, as they may be highly antigenic and may worsen the autoimmune process. Also avoid eggs, milk, and dairy products. Alcoholic and flavored drinks, ice creams, chocolates and any form of junk food is not recommended. Avoid intake of sour foods like pickles, sour yogurt, and sour strawberries. Neem in any form is useful. Mung dal is also good.

Not all the Vitiligo patient respond to same treatment each patient has unique cause and it spreads in the body in its unique way. In last 20 years we have successfully treated more than 2050 patients.

we have found around 14 unique causes and it its personalized ayurvedic medicine ,we continue to find more about the disease and this makes the journey more exciting for us.

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